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First of all, you must know it’s not some new “free energy”, gimmick machine, that is to say it isn’t a miracle device that creates energy out of the blue, on the contrary it is a design which complies with the laws of physics.

The Solar Stirling Plant product itself is a complete manual laying out the solar power plans with instructions and illustrations to build a home solar power generator. It is said that it can generate more energy than the regular solar panels.

When you watch the official Solar Stirling Plant presentation video, you’ll see that the cost is only $49 and you can download the ebook with these solar plans instantly. It has a 60-day money back guarantee.

Here’s exactly what you get in The Solar Stirling Plant guide

An Introduction – You’ll find some valuable facts about this solar power system that you may not have known, such as, unlike the standard PV panels, the Solar Stirling Plant is by wide margin easier and cheaper to build and at the same time more effective at harnessing the solar energy from the sun.

The Components – The two components are The Stirling Engine and The Parabolic Reflector. The Stirling Engine was invented in 1816 by the Scottish inventor, Robert Stirling and is an amazing concept that uses heat from any source to generate electrical power, in this case it uses heat from the sun’s rays.
The Parabolic Reflector fully utilizes the sun as a heat source. It is a mirrored parabolic dish that reflects and focuses the sun’s energy onto the hot end of a Stirling Engine.

The Construction Process – The first part tells us the material needed with illustrations and instructions on building it. This part may be skipped and from anywhere around $75 to $150 you can buy this type of dish online.
The second part is the construction of The Stirling Engine. You’ll have a list of all the parts needed to assemble this Stirling generator and all the corresponding schematics with instructive notes.
All of these parts can be bought in a local hardware store, hobby shop or online for around $100. Again, if you think you cannot make this yourself, just go to a local machine shop with the designs and they will make it for you, but you are assured that you really can make it without any problems.

Constructing The Stirling Engine – The instructions with notes for the individual parts

Assembly of the Stirling Motor Generator – At this point you’re almost done. The Stirling motor needs heat to run so you position the motor in the focus area of the parabolic reflector dish. The Stirling motor will then begin to rotate. All you need now is a DC power motor to generate electricity. They generally run between $30 and $70 and can be found on Ebay.
Other things needed are a battery to store the power, a charge controller (optional) which can be bought for around $20 on Ebay. A Dump Load if you are creating more energy than needed. This can be set up to send the extra energy to a hot water heater or/and ultimately have the excess energy go back into the local power grid and receive a check from the electric company each month.

Maintenance – Information on keeping your parabolic dish clean

Future Improvements – Connect more Solar Stirling Plants in parallel to your system. For future improvements there will be an update of this guide.

What are the bad things?

I hate hype, especially when it can be misleading. It’s true that the Solar Stirling Plant can be build for about $100, but let’s face it, beyond this, other expenses will be incurred to completely get this solar generator system up and running.

The same is true, however, if you were making your own solar panels, you would also need to be spending more than the initial cost of buying the solar plans and constructing the panel.You would need the add-on components to connect to your household power and get your solar energy system working.

I think we always need to recognize that this is a part of the marketing system we live in and we need to know that it always takes time and dedication, trial and error and added expenses to successfully achieve anything.

What are the good things?

You’re only spending $49 for the Solar Stirling Plant ebook and if you’re not satisfied, there’s a guarantee; you can return it within 60 days for a complete money back refund. That’s pretty fair!

The Solar Stirling Plant costs less money to build and less time than a regular solar panel. It is also more efficient at harnessing the sun’s rays to generate power even on cloudy days. It takes up much less space and several of them could be set up in a small area of your back yard.

It is easy to build, but sometimes a person would rather have someone else do the work for them. A regular dish can be bought online (Ebay) and covered with reflective mirrors and a local machine shop can make the Stirling motor for you and all of this is a small fraction of the price a solar energy company would charge you for panels.

There are more pros than cons about these solar plans, especially with the fact you can have your money refunded within 60 days.


The Solar Stirling Plant – Worthwhile or Hype?

Are the plans to build The Solar Stirling Plant worth it or just a lot of  hype?

If you want to build your own home solar power system and cut your electric bill, then it will do that.  This is an efficient, reliable green energy source without spending thousands of dollars like you would for solar panels.


The Solar Stirling Plant – Worthwhile expense or just hype?

The Solar Stirling Plant manual costs $49 and gives solar plans to build a solar power generator. You simply download an ebook with instructions and illustrations for you to build this home solar power generator system.

When you watch the Solar Stirling Plant video, look past the hype, that’s marketing at work.  You sort it out, do a little homework and give some rational thought to your decisions.

If you really are serious about home solar power systems, yet a bit leery, consider the cost ($49) as compared to other “do it yourself” solar energy plans or the high cost of solar energy companies.

Look for the guarantee. This product comes with a 60-day full refund if you are not satisfied. With most people, that’s sufficient time to find out if you’re satisfied.

The product claims the parts to build the solar power system Stirling Engine can all be purchased for about $100. I found that to be true and they are readily  available as claimed.

With all the illustrations and instructions, I still found it to be a bit challenging, however the challenge was solved.

For a little more money you can purchase the parabolic dish (satellite dish) online and add the reflective covering.  For 3 dishes on EBay, the cost was $78 ea., including shipping. For the solar powered electrical generating engine, you can have a local machine shop build the Stirling Engine for you.

You’ll find it easy to build a second or third solar power engine yourself.

This is review site, click here to watch the official Solar Stirling Plant presentation.


Noteworthy Facts

Robert_Stirling220px-           Dr. Robert Stirling – inventor of the Stirling Engine

A Scottish inventor named Robert Stirling invented this engine in 1816 and the product never caught on in his lifetime. Not until almost one hundred years later did The Phillips Company start using the designs.

The first thing you should know about this solar plans version of the Stirling Engine is that it is not some kind of free energy / perpetual motion machine. It’s a renewable energy device which harnesses the sun’s rays to generate power in a similar manner as solar panels. It’s designed differently than solar panels and it’s said can generate much more energy than regular solar panels.

It is not a miracle energy device that creates electricity out of the blue, but rather is designed to comply with the laws of physics.

Forget about the hype, you won’t be cutting your electric bill in one single day.

 Anything worth doing is worth a little time and dedication to realize your efforts. The product is your plan.

I give these solar plans a “heads up” for the price, instructions, illustrations and support to become self sufficient.

After this brief video below, visit the official Solar Stirling Plant website.


Cut your electric bill and become self sufficient

So you’re tired of paying too much for your electric bill every month. You’re thinking about home solar power for self sufficiency. With so many unemployed nowadays, people fall short of paying the monthly bills and many find their power being cut off. You may have looked into home solar power systems, but the solar energy companies can be quite pricey.

So what do you do?

Well, with little money you can find the solar power plans you need in The Solar Stirling Plant manual. This is a straight forward, complete, no bells – no whistles, guide with all the solar plans information you need to build a solar power generator that can cut your electric bill by at least 30% and keep your power on during the next power outage. This is `do it yourself solar power’ that can be built for about $100.

It involves far less work than building your own solar panels, it takes up less space and is more effective than other solar energy systems.

The Solar Stirling Plant is made up of two basic components; The Parabolic Reflector and The Stirling Engine. You’ll find instructions for building a parabolic reflective dish along with other options that still save you money in case you opt not to build it yourself. The next component you will build is the Stirling Engine. The Solar Stirling Plant manual gives you a complete list of parts needed. These are all common parts that can be found at your local hardware store, hobby shop and online. After gathering your parts, you’ll follow the notes for each part and use the schematics provided for assembly. These two components are then coupled together and will look just like a satellite dish.

The whole package deal, to me, is geared toward assuming you can follow the pictures in the schematics and understand the notes given to assemble them. If you find it a little challenging to do it yourself, you can choose the option of buying a satellite dish online and simply add the mirrors or reflective material needed and then use a local machinist to build the Stirling Engine for you. Once you see it assembled, it will be easier for you to duplicate in the event you add another unit to your solar power grid. You can manage this on a low budget and see your money returned by saving on your electric bill much sooner than solar panels.

In light of how much easier the Stirling Solar System is to build, the fact that one dish provides more energy than a single solar panel and it uses up far less space than a roof covered with solar panels, this is a good buy.

You can find support and help at if you run into any difficulty.

For $49 with a 100% money back guarantee for 60 days, it’s a money saving, solar power system well worth doing.

A useful solar plans article on building a solar power system using the Solar Stirling Plant Guide

After reading through the solar plans information that M. John gives about The Solar Stirling Plant I set out to write this review.
M. John’s complete solar plans guide lays out how anyone can build this unique green energy device and have their own household solar energy system. If you’ve ever built any solar panels for your home, I can tell you that The Solar Stirling Plant is much easier and costs less money to build and install; it’s much more effective in harnessing solar energy from the sun by using the suns heat for energy which is an incredible concept.

Is it worth it? Well, consider that it also come with a 60 day, 100% money back guarantee!

When thinking of your own solar power system, you may be thinking of having solar panels installed in your home, but that can be rather pricey, even though the decrease in cost of electric bills will make up for this in time. Something else to consider about solar panels is that during periods of storms and dark, dreary days without much sun, you’ll also have a decrease in the solar energy to power and warm your home. Have you ever had a satellite dish for your TV?

Here’s the difference by using this homemade green energy power system. The Stirling Power Plant uses the concentrated sun rays and directs them to the Stirling Engine and Generator causing it to heat, rotate and generate electricity. With this solar energy system you can easily cut your electric bill by at least 30% and very quickly make up your expenses to get started. M. John’s plan to build this solar device provides information to buy all the materials needed for more or less about $100.

He also provides information in case you choose not to build your own parabolic reflective dish. He said you can find them online for $100-$200. It’s true, I found some on ebay and to buy three 39” dishes it comes out to $78 each including S+H. He also suggests that if you choose not to build your own Stirling Engine, just go to a local mechanical shop with the designs/schematics and they will make it for you. For people like myself, if I see the Stirling Engine already assembled right in front of me and that makes it simpler to build a second and third unit myself.

In light of all that’s going on in our world right now, it only makes common sense to be as prepared and self sufficient as you can be.

Whether you choose to purchase and have installed solar power panels or you choose to go with The Stirling Power Plant (which I have found to be the most economical  and most efficient solar energy system available} you should definitely not be dependent on the Big power companies or even gas powered generators.

The bottom line is: I definitely recommend purchasing the solar plans to make this green energy device. The cost is low and you have a 60 day, 100%  money back guarantee. Even if you should choose to buy your parabolic dish and have a machine shop make the Stirling Engine for you, your expenses will be a small fraction of the cost of solar panels.

You can buy the solar plans to make the Stirling Power Plant here.